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How to Get a Pay Rise

by James McGregor

With costs rising so much lately, many people are finding it difficult to afford everything that they need and want. There are different options available such as spending less or getting a second job, but if you can get a pay rise, it means that you will not have to change anything but will be paid more. However, it is not always easy to know how to go about getting one.

Company Rules

You will need to start by looking at the rules that the company has on pay rises. There may be a certain procedure that you will need to follow. If you cannot find anything easily then ask others. You may want to start by asking colleagues before you go to your boss as it might not go down well. It is always a sensitive subject as people do not generally talk about their salaries in the workplace as it can cause bad feelings. Pick carefully who you talk to about it. Try not to start a departmental debate on the matter, if people get worked up then it could reduce the chances that you get a rise. You may find there is a particular way to apply, it depends on your appraisal result or it is down to years of service. If you have a human resources department then they will be the best ones to talk to as they will have access to the specific rules. If you do not and you cannot find out from anyone else then you will need to go directly to your boss. Make sure that you start by inquiring, just ask how to go about applying for one, rather than just asking for one. They may not be able to give you one anyway and you may have to work towards it in some way.

Be Impressive

Pay rises are often given when deserved. This means that you will need to impress people and then you will be more likely to get one. This can be tricky but there might be things that you can do which are more than you normally do and this will help you to be able to justify that you deserve a promotion. There are some things that you could try and these will depend on your job and workplace but some examples could be –

  • Always arrive on time and never leave early

  • Help out others as much as you can, as long as you can also get your work done

  • Smile and look happy and greet people in a friendly way

  • Do tea / coffee runs

  • Be quick to answer phones (so they do not ring and annoy people)

  • Try to work as quickly and efficiently as you can

  • Always look smart (even overalls can be clean and ironed and your hair can be tidy)

  • If extra help is needed such as overtime, volunteer to do it if you can

  • Offer to do training courses that are relevant to your work

Be Insistent

It is important to be assertive when asking for a raise. Make sure that you sell yourself and explain why you think you deserve it. Try to be insistent that you should get it rather that shying away if you are told it is unlikely. However, never threaten to leave and find a better paid job. It could be something you are considering but it will not convince anyone, it can just sound a bit like you are having a tantrum! It is better to have a positive approach and explain why you deserve it rather than being threatening.

Be Patient

It can be difficult to be patient but sometimes you may need to be. You may need to start making a good impression and proving you deserve a pay rise before asking. It could be that you need to wait until the company gets some more money or that there is a particular time of year when all pay rises are dealt with. Make sure that you are aware of this and do not become too pushy.

Consider a New Role

It could be that you will be able to get more money if you change your role. There may be positions available that are better paid. It can be a good idea to find out about these because it could be a better way of getting more pay. If the role has more responsibility, it could also mean that you will get a much bigger increase in pay compared to just getting a rise in the job that you are doing. Obviously, there will be disadvantages of changing roles too but it is well worth considering to see what you might be able to achieve and you may even enjoy the new role more than your current one.

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